Sham Oxford name sells Wu Kelan father and son more than 10 years a thousands of award

Media of ­   England exposes to the sun 24 days makings, father and son of a pair of Wu Kelan rises from 2000, school of sham England name Oxford subordina武汉夜生活论坛te orgnaization, a lot of orgnaizations that give the whole world many states, individual ” issue ” thousands of award, to ” bear the palm person ” collect fees seek profit illegally. ­   England " peaceful interview person newspaper " report, sa Wofu of 10 thousand · ever was in Yi of Wu Kelan’s person the university reads Lu Kesi of British Oxford cloth, but this school and famous Oxford and nonrelevant, just be located in British Oxford city. Sa Wofu and father Anton are collective ” found ” the name is ” European business plenary meeting ” organization, so-called this organizes subject Oxford. ­     2000, they begin outward ” issue ” international Socrates award, Weiduoli is queen souvenir award, European quality award, optimal the award of the numerous name head such as enterprise award, to ” bear the palm person ” collection 2000 differ to 9300 pound (close about seventeen thousand five hundred to eighty-one thousand seven hundred yuan of RMBs) ” administrative cost is expended ” . ­   this organization has the office in Wukelan and Oxford city, sa Wofu in those days John Neidingsi becomes teacher lecturer ” appearance ” , the place such as hire Oxford city hall to ” bear the佛山夜品茶网 palm person ” award a prize. ­     " European business plenary meeting " before employee tells " peaceful interview person newspaper " , they contact means in the email letterhead of crowd of target of the look about on Internet, in order to send mail, call means informs the other side wins a西安夜网论坛ward nomination, if the other side expresse

s an interest, they can put forward to collect fees requirement. The one employee before the name says ­   , “Middle east area, hamster and Russia ” it is staple market, because over there the idea that still beautiful money buys honor. The another employee before the name says, spend thousands of pound ” can Oxford (university) award hang on the wall, this price does not calculate tall ” . ­   is open the facade of a shop, “European business plenary meeting ” the person such as the official before still paying cost to invite British local government attends an activity. Besides award prize, they still hold a name to be ” leader peak is met ” the conference, the electron that has oneself even ” academic periodical ” . ­     " European business plenary meeting " still make a provision, allow only ” person of bear the palm ” use 5 years after win a prize win a prize achievement makes ego sale and promotion. Come ten years, the person in a steady stream that buys award is constant, the money that a few use taxpayer even is him or place orgnaization buys award. ­     " peaceful interview person newspaper " report, 2013, p东莞夜生活论坛ortuguese if Ze Dakuniya Kesida is bought with public money,two mayors, Feiernaduo Luasi is mixed ” optimal city award ” . Lu Asi already was Portuguese parliament assemblyman now, he admits to ever was award hand in ” register cost ” , because he thinks at tha长沙夜品茶网t time award ” true and authentic ” . ­   to " peaceful interview person newspaper " cover a demand, sa Wofu and Neidingsi did not make a response. An Oxford spokesman says: “We can affirm, ‘ European bu

siness plenary meeting ‘ do not belong to Oxford, do not have correlation with Oxford. To this company we do not make a comment. ” (Guo Qian) (Xinhua News Agency stalks of grain especially only)

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