Beautiful pleasure ground is sent outside hair business 1 dead 7 injuries place hammer accident to rupture greatly throw flying passenger

(original title: American Ohio amusement park produces西安夜品茶网 accident establishment breakdown to send 1 dead 7 injuries) in   report occupied new network on July 27 outside intermediary report, local time 26 days, an amusement park of American Ohio produces casualty. Establishment of You Le of a flying car inside garden breaks out breakdown, c重庆夜品茶网ause 1 person death, 7 people to get hurt. Current, accident establishment has closed stop.武汉夜品茶网 According to the report, this accident happens in ”(Ohio State Fair) of exhibition of Russia of “ E Hai to be able to go up. Flying car assembly ruptures cause trouble, partia

l passenger is swung outside dispatch a vehicle. Depart

ment of Ohio place fire control says, this the accident causes death of a man, additionally 7重庆夜品茶网 people get hurt, the condition of an injury of the 5 people in the person that hurt is serious, they are s东莞夜品茶网ent toward hospital cure. Ohio bey blocks Xi Ji (John Kasich) has given orders to launch investigation to this accident, shut assembly room place to have flying car temporarily. (Original title: American Ohio amusement park produces accident establishment breakdown to send 1 dead 7 injuries)

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