Russia is denied and American discussion involves Hui Lan of · of Paul of personnel of serve a sentence is in Russia ” change convict ” matters concerned

Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on May 28 report (reporter Chen Lixi) Xie Er of undersecretary of Russia Ministry of Foreign Affairs builds the Yabukefu in · 28 days to say, russia did not involve the “ of Hui Lan of · of Paul of personnel of serve a sentence is i重庆夜网论坛n Russia to change convict ” matters concerned with American discussion. The United States just asks Russia just releases Hui L

an of the member before American Marine Corps for many times before. When Liyabukefu accepts Russia media 28 days to interview, say, russian-American did not spread out the

“ that involves Hui Lan to ch长沙夜网论坛ange convict ” to discuss now. Hui Lan is an industry tall tube, once enl东莞夜品茶网isted in army in American Marine Corps, hold United States, England, Canada and Irish passport. He in Russia capital Moscow a hotel was arrested on December 28, 2018. At that time, he and acquaintance of a Russia meet, the other side actors or actress to him dish. Hui Lan says, he goes to Russia to attend friend wedding, think actor take inventory has go vacationing photograph. Russian Federation security bureau accuses Hui Lan is engaged in espial, say actor dish inside organic secret information, hui Lan “ is caught active ” . Muscovite courtyard of one domestic discipline exercised by the head of a feudal household ruled emissary accusation establishs Hui Lan in June 2020, sentence him 16西安夜生活论坛 years to imprison. Hui Lan decides not to appeal subsequently, “ of expectation by beautiful Russi佛山夜网论坛a changes convict ” get-off. Lincoln of cloth of · of Anthony of American Secretary of State and Xie Er of Russia Foreign Minister build · Lafuluofu is in 19 days this month Icelandic capital Lei Keya was not overcome meet. During meeting, cloth Lincoln asks Russia just releases Hui Lan again. Original title: Russia is denied and the United States talks ” change convict “

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