2022 Olympic Winter Gameses of Beijing are preparing careful parliament actively to hold the job to go well

Yesterday morning, parliament of 2022 projects careful is in Beijing of international Olympic committee, international incomplete Olympic committee

Beijing winter Olympic Games Organizing Committee head steel office division is held. Beijing of Olympic committee of vice-chairman of international Olympic committee, international Aosamalanji was in introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Anthony of chairman of Coordination Committee of Olympic Winter Games 2022 express on the meeting, chinese government height takes Beijing Olympic Winter Games seriously to make prep

arations the job, made an on-the-spot survey two days to look with survey circumstance on the spot once upon a time, place construction gained active headway. Current, beijing Olympic Winter Games makes preparations each the job goes well, development of test contest, market, masses is 西安夜网论坛participated in, bequest and can wait for the job to be advanced steadily continuously. Next, international Olympic committee will continue to wait with Beijing winter Olympic Games Organizing Committee keep close together communicate, finish each to make preparations better the job. Chief also expresses related Beijing winter Olympic Games Organizing Committee, will ensure will make preparations this year in October the job turns smoothly to test level of be in order by special plan phase, and to held world cup of ski of Yan Qinggao hill in Feburary 2020 this one field checks contest to had made sufficient preparation. Original title: Parliaments of 2022 careful of project of Olympic Winter Games hold each to make preparations the job goes well responsibility edits: Lin Xin is firm

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