Xi Jinping is the same as Ethiopia president Sahele

Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on November 24 report on November 24, national chairman Xi Jinping is strapped with Ethiopia president Sa He – each other of Wo Kezu heart sends congratulatory telegram, congratulatory two countries establishs diplomatic relations 50 years. Xi Jinping goes out in middle finger of message of congratulation, dust a place of strategic importance establishs diplomatic relations in since half century, experience of friendship of two countries tradition is long cover firm. In recent years, two countries establishs relationship of overall strategy partner, letter of political each other is deepened increasingly, each domain adds up to consummate fruit plentiful and substantial, in involve interest of each other core and great care issue understanding of photogenic each other, mutual support, cooperate closely in international and region general affairs. After pneumonic epidemic situation produces new coronal, side of bilateral people in the same condition help each other, each other helps each other, established Central Africa solidarity to defy the model of epidemic disease. I take seriously highly in concern of dust a place of strategic importance grows, wish to be the same as Sahele – Walker’s president tries hard together, establish diplomatic relations 50 years to be chance with two countries, fulfil peak of Beijing of forum of collaboration of good Central Africa meeting and Central Africa s

olidarity fight epidemic disease special summit meeting positive result, strengthen build one belt to cooperate all the way in all, benefit two countries and two countries people, build community of more close together Central Africa destiny武汉夜网论坛 to make positive contribution for compose. Sahele – Wal东莞夜网论坛ker expresses in message of congratulation, establish diplomatic relations 50 years to come, on close cooperation and foundation of letter of political each other, the Ethiopia is deepened ceaselessly with Chinese relation, bilateral collaboration becomes fruit plentiful and substantial. Two countries relation already promoted concern for overall strategy partner, deepen two countries of each doma西安夜品茶网in collaboration, benefit and two countries people la西安夜网论坛y solid foundation continuously for future. I expect to cooperate cheek by jowl with Chairman Xi Jinping, advance 武汉夜品茶网affiliation of two countries tradition ceaselessly, deepen and extend bilateral collaboration, increase happiness and benefit for two countries and two countries people. Original title: Xi Jinping straps with Ethiopia president Sa He – Walker is medium dust a place of strategic importance establishs diplomatic relations 50 years each other sen

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