You Wen of Europe coronal final 3

Beijing time on March 13 at 4 o’clock, second bout of final of Europe coronal 1/8, you Wen advocate 3 than 0 be over get the better of Ma Jing, c collect wears a hat, changeover of merry and lively of old woman person, kill into 8 strong. Head bout, the You Wen of Madrid of be a guest 0 than 2 lose a ball. The 4th minute, youwen scores a goal to be blown off, before left corner kick is sent, nod, sipinazunla head ferries, before the door falling after rubber ball passes battle royal, c collect is grabbed in the other side answer before door general do, jiyelini is strong shoot excommunicate, but advocate juridical signal president

hits door general emersion, the goal is invalid. The 22nd minute, equestrian contest right way strikes back, luo Deli is passed continuously, forward position of division gram reserve bangs directly one foot, lintel of tower

above of rubber ball appreciably. The 24th minute, outside graceful forbidden zone thissing in case on the right side of be like pass be like shoot, rubber ball is attacked constrainedly by Si Ni of assorted musical instrument. The 27th minute, you Wen breaks deadlock, beiernadaisiji is left road breakthrough is inclined pass, c collect develops antagonism dagger man, force presses equestrian contest halfback, burst open the door of mallet of close quarters head, 1 than 0, total score comes 1 than 2. The 32nd minute, you Wen gains the free kick opportunity on the right side of reserve forward position, ball of right leg curve crosses Beiernadaisiji person wall, but lintel of appreciably tower above. The 34th minute, sipinazunla right leg of half face about passes Zun Lu in, the dot after Beiernadaisiji is wonderful hang, rubber ball is same tower above beam. The 43rd minute, sipinazunla is passed by left Lu Chen in, show again in the center of C collect forbidden zone exceed strong bounce, force presses mallet of Ge Ding head to attack the door, rubber ball in a way slants piece. When filling the 2nd minute, division gram right way 45 degrees inclined before passing the door, strong top of head of Mo La tower is tallish. First half battle stops, you Wen 1 ball is banner. Before the second half begins, the president beats interest to every teammate in player passageway, do not forget next to advocate the judgment brings to bear on pressure. The 49th minute, you Wen breaks even total score, the field in C collect breaks a ball, zun Lu answers Sipinazunla do, piyaniji changes the globe on the right side of, right way of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of bank a place of strategic importance 45 degrees inclined before passing the door, it is puissant head mallet of the president, abstruse cloth plays gram general ball from the fish out inside the door, but advocate the judgment is maintained, this ball already line of move into one’s husband’s household upon marriage, pass accipitral key point time put, judgement is accurate without by accident, 2 than 2. The 65th minute, beiernadaisijila is dragged catch yellow. The 70th minute, molada and Jiyelini are not had beg a circumstance to allot unripe conflict, molada overturns Jiyelini. The 74th minute, the free kick opportunity on the right side of the field before Youwen, after ball hair arrives, Piyaniji will be nodded, graceful head of body of Zhu Jiqi Fu develops a top to slant. The 82nd minute, the field after Jiyelini is long pass instigate strike back, head of equestrian contest full back, short-hilted broadsword kills Kaye forbidden zone, inside of right leg foot pushs remote corner to slant. The 85th minute, keleiya overturns Beiernadaisiji inside forbidden zone, advocate the judgment sentences the ball that punish a dot, c collect holds a knife, had cheated Aobulake, advance the ball goal left next horn, magic of the cap that finish, 3 than 0. Wife heat tear is filled with the charming of field edge the socket of eye ah, confuse your Luo Ye hey. Full-court game fight stops, you Wen advocate be over get the better of, big changeover promotes 8 strong, winning dream is able to continue. You Wen (433) : Si Ni of 1- assorted musical instrument; The name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of 20- bank a place of strategic importance, 19- Buddhist nun of benefit of Ye of Bonuji, 3- radical, 37- Sipinazunla (67 minutes of 10- Dibala) ; Thunder of 23- dust Mu – Zhan, 5- Piyaniji, 14- Matuyidi; Dai Siji of accept of 33- shellfish Er, 17- graceful Zhujiji (favour of 80 minutes of 18- radical) , 7-C Rome contest (442) : 13- abstruse cloth pulls a gram; 4- A Li Yasi (77 minutes of 23- comparing hold the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces in the palm) , 24- introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad An Fulan of Ge Ding of Jimeineisi, 2- , 20- ; Er of draw bit of Wu Er of Sa of Luo Deli of 6- division gram, 14- , 8- , 11- (57 minutes of 10- Keleiya) ; Original title of Li Ciman of case of tower of 22- Mo La, 7- : Ou Guan – avatar! C collect wears contest of horse of佛山夜网论坛 changeover of 3-0 of cap blame article to take editor of 8 strong responsibility: Li Xiaoling

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